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You betcha, ibotta!

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I just recently rediscovered the wonderful app, ibotta!

Basically, if you shop anywhere, you can make money with this app. Well, technically you are saving money because you are getting ‘cash back’, but when I see 20 bucks deposited into my PayPal account, I consider that making money!

I just joined in June of this year and with very little effort (other than buying what I would buy at the store and taking pictures of my receipts), I’ve earned over $60 already!

How It Works

  1.  Search the Offers — click on the store or website you are going to be shopping at and see what cashback offers are available.
  2. Ad an offer – just click on an offer (sometimes it will require you to watch a 30 sec video or take a very short survey).  Be sure to read the offer to make sure you purchase the correct amount of items to get that offer!
  3. Buy the items! (duh)
  4. Redeem the offers – upload a snapshot of the receipt
  5. Get cash (or gift cards!) – connect to your Venmo or PayPal account to get cash (must earn $20 before cashing out) — or get a gift card to one of many awesome places!

Are You Ready to Join ibotta?

Be sure to use my link to sign up! JOIN IBOTTA HERE!

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  • upload your receipt right away, otherwise it gets wrinkled, lost or worst of all – thrown away!
  • upload your receipt at home or where you have the items you purchased handy — sometimes when you upload your receipt, it doesn’t automatically recognize the items you purchased, so if they don’t appear, you must scan the barcode of the items!  My learning experience I drank a bottle of kombucha at work that I had purchased and had an offer for.  I uploaded my receipt when I got home that night and it didn’t recognize the kombucha item, so it asked me to scan the barcode. Well, I had thrown the bottle away at work, so… no moolah for me!
  • Be sure to check out any bonuses that are available – I just recently earned a $3 and a $5 bonus ON TOP of the cash back offers I got!
  • If you have a Publix where you live, it pays to coordinate your offers with Publix BOGOs!  For example, Publix had Freschetta Pizza BOGO and there was a .50 cent cash back offer on Freschetta pizza, so I got $1.00 cash back, and only paid for 1 pizza.  Score!

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