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WAIT…Dreams do come true!

A 4-door, dark gray car that gets good gas mileage, is reliable, has an AUX input (so I could listen to Spotify, of course!) and had to either be paid for in cash or given to me…. that was my prayer for four – or maybe more – – years. I even had a picture of the car that I was thinking about posted to my refrigerator as a daily reminder of my dream car.

At that time I was busy paying off credit card debt and didn’t have enough in savings to even start looking for a car, but I prayed anyway.

I had been driving a 2000 Honda Civic with 267,000 miles on it. It had an oil leak so I would have to check the oil weekly to add more. It had no AC and the driver’s side window didn’t roll down — and I’m in Florida, people!!

My little Honda developed many idiosyncrasies… If you accidentally hit the windshield wiper wand, you couldn’t turn the wipers off unless you held the wand ‘just so’. And toward the end, the header lining was disintegrating. And somehow a leak mysteriously developed so whenever it rained, the driver’s side front and back floorboards would get soaked, so I’d have to lug out the shopvac and suck up all the water. No big deal… it only rains EVERY DAY in the summer.

This year I FINALLY had saved up enough money and started looking in June. Miraculously, that little Honda lasted until this past September when it gave up the ghost, conveniently near a Rally gas station!

So my car search intensified quickly!

$5000 was my budget. And I know you’re thinking “what can you buy for $5000?“ but I truly believed I could find a great little car for that amount of money. I did not want to lease or finance a car – – Dave Ramsey would not approve – it had to be cash!

Now I don’t know how many of you have ever tried to buy a car with cash, but it’s not easy when you only have $5000 to work with. Basically you have just a few options – – buy from a mom and pop car dealership, or Facebook marketplace. I was so surprised at how many scammers were out there. And I was also amazed at how many good cars were out there that would get swooped up within minutes of being listed! The whole process was so frustrating! Thankfully I was blessed to have my dad loan me his car while I was on the “hunt“.

I wondered why it was taking so long to find a car, but honestly, it wasn’t even about the car anymore. It was about my trust in God and if I really believed he would give me the desire of my heart.

And it was about waiting, and trusting God.

I got to a point where I was so frustrated with the whole process that I was ready to buy the next semi-decent car that I found. So one Sunday my dad and I went to go see one such car. The car was nothing like what I wanted. It was a 4-door Toyota, but it was white and it was a smoker’s car. The dashboard had carpet on it which covered a dash that was as cracked as the Mohave desert.

And yet I found myself at the owner’s kitchen table saying yes to something that was less than my dream.

It was a Sunday, and I had agreed to go back on a Tuesday and buy the car. That night I hardly slept a wink. I was tossing and turning all night long. I just knew I could not buy that car. It was not the dream I had prayed for. I struggled so much back-and-forth because I wanted a car NOW and I wanted my dad to have his car back.

So the next day, I called the owner and backed out of the deal. I took a deep breath and went back to looking at Facebook marketplace ads. Against all odds, I knew my car was out there. 

… And it was!! Exactly one week later on a Sunday, I went to see a 2013 Hyundai ELANTRA. I knew it was the car the moment I saw it. Dark gray, four-door, Bluetooth, low miles, heated seats, and so much more I never even imagined – – all for $4500 cash!

If God has given you a dream, don’t give up! And don’t settle for less! God is faithful. God goes above and beyond what we ask or even imagine. God gives us the desires of our hearts… even if it’s a dark grey, 4-door car, that’s reliable, gets good gas mileage, has an AUX input and is paid for with cash.

Money Saving


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I’m in a cozy, nesting mode and decorating for Fall!

Here are some of my fabulous fall finds this season…


I picked up TWO of these 4-pack throw pillow cases. Aren’t they cute?!

Just $16.99 for this 4-pack!

Great quality too!

Just $19.99 for these!

Great Quality!

I was actually blown away by the quality of these pillow covers! They have some substance to them – – they’re not made of thin, chintzy material. And the colors are so vibrant!

They are 18×18 covers, but I put some 20×20 pillows inserts I had and they fit just fine… nice & plump!


See the Buffalo Plaid pillows in the back? Got those from Home Depot! It was a 2-pack of pillows (not just the inserts!) for $24.

I’m loving all the Buffalo Plaid out this season and plan to stick with it when I decorate for Christmas. I’ve already purchased a set of throw pillow covers for the Holiday season! (I’ll post pics later)


Another color I’m drawn to this season is this Goldenrod yellow.

I really want this Threshold Throw!

Found all of these on clearance! ❤️❤️❤️

Kirkland’s Bargain Decor!

Found these Fall decor items this week at Kirkland’s! They we’re not only 50% off, but I also got a 30% off Friends and Family discount! Good through this Sunday, 11/3.

So how are you decorating for Fall this year? Colors? Themes? Are you as crazy about the Buffalo Plaid as I am? Let me know!


– Roxanne

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Celebrate Fall at Target!

Autumn is here! I was in Target today at the Dollar Spot (now known as Bullseye’s Playground) and spotted these cute, stemless wine glasses! I got a set of 2 for just $3.00! Cheers!!

Turns out that Target has quite a few great Fall decorating items this season for under $15. Check out some of the great finds below…

Welcome guests inside with this fun Threshold 18″X30″ Hello Pumpkin Rubber Doormat – $13.00

And bring some Autumn flair to the powder room with this Threshold 26″x18″ Harvest Cream Pumpkin Tufted Bath Rug – $8.00

| Welcome fall into your home with boho updates  that celebrate the colors and textures of the season. Welcome fall into your home with boho updates that celebrate the colors and textures of the season.

I love these fall soup mugs that come with lids! This wil be perfect to take to work! Only $9.00 for the set of 3

Did you hear? Buffalo Plaid is in this Fall! Get this set of 3 for $9.00

But… I ALSO love this 8ct set of mini fabric pumpkins – just $7.00!

Aren’t these the cutest mugs? AND they come with succulents! Only $5.00 each

Such a cute set of two 17×12″ burlap bags. Perfect for delivering Autumn treats! $10.00

I just love that Target has so many great Autumn inspirations this season… and they won’t break the bank! Happy Fall, Y’all!

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Money Saving

Smell Good Savings and Five Freebies

This post may contain affiliate and/or referral links to products or services, but only things that I truly love, have tried and recommend. See my disclosure policy here.

You know that I’m all about saving money, so I have to share this great deal with you to celebrate Fall!!!

First of all, I have to say I love Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products! My favorites are the Basil and Radish countertop cleaning sprays. They make my kitchen smell so good – – and Lord knows it needs it!

Plus I love the fact that their cleaning products are plant-derived with natural essential oils. Win-win! And you know what else? They are just so pretty — love the packaging!

Anyway, Grove Collaborative is allowing me to share with you some pretty fantastic products for FREE with a $20 purchase, but first I want to share with you some of my favorite things!

These are a few of my favorite things…




Seventh Generation Multi-Purpose Wipes in Garden Mint – $2.99 these smell AMAZING!!! I use them to clean my bathroom sinks and countertops and it smells so minty fresh!

Grove Collaborative Walnut Scrubber Sponge, Set of 2 – $3.95 – I absolutely LOVE these!  One side has a scrubber made of crushed walnuts and the other side is a cellulose sponge.  I use these on everything from glasses and plates to pots and pans!

Mrs. Meyer’s – Fall Trio in Apple Cider – $10.99 which includes:IMG_8227

  • 1 x Seasonal Hand Soap
  • 1 x Seasonal Dish Soap
  • 1 x Seasonal Multi-Surface Cleaner


NOTE: I love the Apple Cider multi-surface cleaner so much that I had to buy more to give as Christmas gifts! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

So, in honor of the Fall Season these are my GIFTS to you when you spend $20:

  • FREE Mrs. Meyer’s – Hand Soap
  • FREE Mrs. Meyer’s – Dish Soap
  • FREE Mrs. Meyer’s – Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • FREE Grove Collaborative – Cleaning Caddy (look how cute it is!)
  • FREE Grove Collaborative – Walnut Scrubber Sponge, Set of 2

That’s right – – everything pictured below FREE with your $20 purchase

This shows Spiced Pumpkin, but you can choose the scent you like!

How it Works

Once you sign up, your order is set to repeat the following month.  But you don’t have to re-order everything from your current order…Nor do you have to order monthly!  Just go in and remove the items you don’t want and/or add any items you’d like to try.  And if you don’t need anything right away, then adjust it to ship the following month.

There are order minimums though:

  • $10 minimum order for monthly recurring shipments (with $2.99 flat rate shipping)
  • $15 minimum order for “Ship Now” plans (which just means you gotta have it now!) for VIP members (FREE Shipping for VIP members)
  • $30 minimum order for “Ship Now” plans for non-VIP members

Non-VIPs pay a flat rate of $2.99 shipping. VIP members always get shipping FREE.

What’s a VIP member?

  • FREE Shipping! You pay an annual fee of $19.99 – it’s sort of like Amazon where you pay a yearly fee and get free shipping on any purchases.
  • FREE Full-size gifts
  • Early Access – get exclusive access to new and seasonal products at the best prices

Join Today and

get a FREE Mrs. Meyer’s 5-piece set on me, with your first $20 purchase!

Money Saving

Teens Workout FREE This Summer!

Now through September 1st, teens ages 15-18 can work out at Planet Fitness… FREE!

Summer is right around the corner and for some reason, teens tend to get ‘bored’ in the summer. (Oh, if I could only have 2 glorious months of boredom!!!)

Anyway, enter my favorite gym, Planet Fitness who has a great opportunity for teens… The Teen Summer Challenge!

Teens ages 15-18 can work out for free at Planet Fitness locations from May 15th through September 1st.

Just visit any Planet Fitness location to sign up. If your teenager is 15-17, they’ll have to bring a parent/guardian to sign up and sign a waiver. Then they are free to workout on their own. They just have to work out at the location they sign up at — they can’t workout at other locations.

Also, teens can take FREE fitness classes at Planet Fitness! Just check your local club for specific days and times the classes are offered.

And here’s a bonus: You do NOT have to have a gym membership for your teen to workout!

Lastly, teens who sign up this summer are entered into Planet Fitness’ Scholarship Sweepstakes!

Planet Fitness will be awarding one $500 scholarship in each state and a $5,000 grand prize! Be sure to check out the sweepstakes details.

Also, once they connect with Planet Fitness’ Facebook and Instagram social media this summer, they’ll get a chance to win prizes like movie tickets, wireless headphones and other Planet Fitness goodies! Sweet!!

So do your teen (and yourself) a favor this summer and sign them up for the Teen Summer Challenge!

And parents, if you’re not already a member of Planet Fitness, I highly recommend it!

Memberships start at only $10/mo and you get free fitness training! I’ve got the PF Black Card membership (which is $21.99/mo), and gives you access to the massage chairs, HydroMassage, discounts on drinks and products, massage chairs and much more! And did I mention the massage chairs?

Be sure to check out the different memberships they have available!

To find the closest Planet Fitness near you, click HERE.

Also, check out my blog on how you can get PAID to workout !

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How $15 and 1 Hour Can Create Big Change

White. Plain white… for 18 years. I had wanted to do a color accent wall in my bathroom for 18 years, but there was always something holding me back…

Fear or worry that my small bathroom would appear even smaller. Would I pick the right color? Ugh. It’s just going to take too much time – the cleaning, the taping, cutting in, etc. I just don’t have time for it!

So a couple months ago I picked out colors I thought would look good, tacked them up on the wall for a couple weeks and finally decided on a Behr paint color called ‘Cricket’. (Eventually I’ll be painting the rest of my bathroom a color called Silver Screen, but first things first!)

Behr paint color ‘Cricket’

Behr paint color ‘Silver Screen’

I’m a bookkeeper and things were so crazy busy during tax season, that I didn’t have (or want) to take time to tackle this ‘huge’ project. So finally I decided it was time!

I ended up getting the paint color matched at Lowe’s and went with a quart of Valspar Ultra semi-gloss. Why Lowe’s? To SAVE MONEY of course!

I get a 5% discount when I use my Lowe’s card!

And with my Lowe’s discount the paint was just under $15!

So armed with my quart of Cricket colored paint, some classical music and a whole bucket of determination, I started my 18-yr-old dream of an accent wall.

Much to my amazement, only an hour later I was looking at a stunningly beautiful change and wondering why it had taken so long for me to do it!

‘Blessed’ sign from Hobby Lobby

This simple, INEXPENSIVE accent wall has added beauty and interest to my boring, small bathroom… and my fear of it making the room look smaller was totally unfounded!

Is there a project out there that you’ve been putting off for one reason or another? Have you wanted to try an accent wall but just weren’t sure? I encourage you to step out and try it!

The only regret I have is that I didn’t take any ‘Before’ pics!

Be sure to share your paint stories with me!

Money Saving

Save Money While You Sleep!

This post may contain affiliate and/or referral links to products or services, but only things that I truly love, have tried and recommend. See my disclosure policy here.

I recently came across an app called Digit that looks at your bank account and runs it’s algorithms and seeks out how much it can safely squirrel away into a savings account. I like to consider it the Sherlock Holmes of savings. So far I have saved over $430 since Christmas… And I don’t even miss it!

My favorite part about Digit?

It is super easy to set up! No emails or passwords to remember. You set everything up via text on your cell!

Plus they offer low balance protection and will let you set a threshold where you can automatically have Digit transfer the money back to your checking account. Or you can set a checking account minimum and when your checking account hits that amount, Digit will stop saving money.

You can create any kind of savings goal you want – – an emergency fund, Christmas savings, student loan or credit card debt… (or if you’re like me, even a Starbucks fund!)

What I also love about Digit is they communicate with you and let you know how much they’re going to take out. They also let you know how much is currently in your checking account.

Digit has shown me that on average I can save about $25 per week… my budget allows it!

Automatically saved over $430 in just almost 4 months!

It’s easy to withdraw money when you need it. Just make a request to transfer to your checking account.

I’m using my digit account as a ‘gifts/giving/fun’ money savings account. So I have money for birthday gifts, money to give to someone in need, or to finally buy that bedroom dresser from Ikea that I’ve been wanting!

Is Digit safe?

Personally, I was a little wary about giving them access to my checking account, but they use 256-bit encryption to protect the transmission of your data to their site, so they are secure. AND your funds are held in FDIC insured banks up to a balance of $250,000.

How much does Digit cost?

You can try out Digit FREE for 30 days. After that, it costs $2.99 per month, which is automatically withdrawn from your checking account.

So give Digit a try and see how much you can save in 30 days!

Click here for more money saving ideas!

Use Digit to pay off credit card debt with Digit Pay!

This is a great way if you’re not so self-disciplined to pay off credit card debt. Basically, all you do is create a “pay off credit card debt” goal and then Digit Pay squirrels away money and once a month pays that extra money toward your credit card debt. How cool is that?! Click here for details!

I haven’t tried Digit Pay yet, but if you decide to try it please let me know what you think!