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Target’s Genius Plan…and why we love it!

This post may contain affiliate and/or referral links to products or services, but only things that I truly love, have tried and recommend. See my disclosure policy here.

I absolutely LOVE Target and I think they have one of the best shopping experiences out there…

I have to say, Target is genius at creating a wonderful shopping experience!

First, I walk into the store and what do I see? Starbucks! I feel excited and relaxed at the same time!

Next, with a grande white peppermint mocha in hand, I see the Dollar Spot and find such cute fall decorations. Wouldn’t this festive $3 dollar dish towel go great in my kitchen?

Now I feel cozy, I’m fueled with java and ready to get that cat food I originally came in to get!

And I’m also prepped to do some serious saving with these Target hacks…

NUMBER ONE:  The Target App

This is a must-have when shopping in-store!  Why?

Target Lets You Scan Items for Cheaper Prices

Scan every item you put in your cart. Sometimes the item comes up cheaper when you purchase it online.  I find this especially true in the cosmetics area.  For example, I wanted to buy Covergirl Total Tease Mascara.  In the store, it was $7.89, but online it was only $4.59!

Scanning Tip: scan different types/styles/colors of an item – a different color/size might be cheaper online!

I’ve also found cheaper prices online in pet foods, essential oils, hairspray and lots of other items.

If you scan and it’s cheaper, then buy it on your phone and choose ‘in-store pickup’ during the check-out process.  Then you can finish your in-store shopping. Most times I get an email within 10-20 mins that my item is ready for pickup!  But even if it takes a little longer, most Targets these days have a Starbucks, so go enjoy a latte!

Cartwheel Discounts

When you scan items, the Target app ALSO lets you know if there’s a Cartwheel discount available.  This discount is anywhere from 5%-50% off or a coupon for a $ amount and is taken off when you scan your app barcode at check out.  These discounts can be on ANYTHING (including Starbucks Cafe items like food, lattes & frappes!), so BE SURE TO SCAN EVERYTHING!

Gift Cards

Add any gift cards that you have directly to the Target app and use them at checkout!  No more keeping track of loose gift cards!

Target Hacks Save Money

NUMBER TWO:  The Target Debit Card

Add more savings to your shopping experience by signing up for the Target Debit Card!

NOTE:  This is NOT a credit card — and that’s what I love about it!  It comes directly out of your checking account.  Perfect for people like me who are trying to stay debt free!

With the Target Debit Card, you get an additional 5% off your purchase!

Lastly… and most importantly… when you link your Target debit card and gift cards with the Target app, you can check out completely using only your phone!

So not only do you get 5% off, plus any Cartwheel savings, PLUS any gift cards, but you can check out quickly…and get to that Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino that’s calling your name.


Check out my blog on Target’s new product line, ‘Smartly’, which is designed to save even MORE on everyday items!

Want even more ways to save?  Find out how I’ve saved over $50 with Ibotta!

Money Making Apps, Money Saving Apps

You betcha, ibotta!

This post may contain affiliate and/or referral links to products or services, but only things that I truly love, have tried and recommend. See my disclosure policy here.

I just recently rediscovered the wonderful app, ibotta!

Basically, if you shop anywhere, you can make money with this app. Well, technically you are saving money because you are getting ‘cash back’, but when I see 20 bucks deposited into my PayPal account, I consider that making money!

I just joined in June of this year and with very little effort (other than buying what I would buy at the store and taking pictures of my receipts), I’ve earned over $60 already!

How It Works

  1.  Search the Offers — click on the store or website you are going to be shopping at and see what cashback offers are available.
  2. Ad an offer – just click on an offer (sometimes it will require you to watch a 30 sec video or take a very short survey).  Be sure to read the offer to make sure you purchase the correct amount of items to get that offer!
  3. Buy the items! (duh)
  4. Redeem the offers – upload a snapshot of the receipt
  5. Get cash (or gift cards!) – connect to your Venmo or PayPal account to get cash (must earn $20 before cashing out) — or get a gift card to one of many awesome places!

Are You Ready to Join ibotta?

Be sure to use my link to sign up! JOIN IBOTTA HERE!

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  • upload your receipt right away, otherwise it gets wrinkled, lost or worst of all – thrown away!
  • upload your receipt at home or where you have the items you purchased handy — sometimes when you upload your receipt, it doesn’t automatically recognize the items you purchased, so if they don’t appear, you must scan the barcode of the items!  My learning experience I drank a bottle of kombucha at work that I had purchased and had an offer for.  I uploaded my receipt when I got home that night and it didn’t recognize the kombucha item, so it asked me to scan the barcode. Well, I had thrown the bottle away at work, so… no moolah for me!
  • Be sure to check out any bonuses that are available – I just recently earned a $3 and a $5 bonus ON TOP of the cash back offers I got!
  • If you have a Publix where you live, it pays to coordinate your offers with Publix BOGOs!  For example, Publix had Freschetta Pizza BOGO and there was a .50 cent cash back offer on Freschetta pizza, so I got $1.00 cash back, and only paid for 1 pizza.  Score!