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10 Inexpensive Thanksgiving & Fall Home Decor Ideas from Target

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One of my most favorite times of the year is here! Even though I’m in Florida and everyone is still in T-shirts and shorts – I am longing for all things Fall!
Fall evokes for me memories of growing up in Missouri, jumping into piles of leaves, crisp morning air, fallen leaves stuck to the sidewalk on a rainy day, the smell of turkey roasting in the oven… home.
Every September 1st you’ll find me putting out the fall candles, decorative pumpkins, and autumn colored dish towels. I haven’t broken out the crockpot yet, but I will when the temps finally cool down.
As I prepare my house for Fall, just wanted to share these cute home decor items from Target… all are $20 or less (mostly less!), so you don’t break your budget. Enjoy!

Gobble & Gather Kitchen Towel – $2.99

Stoneware Turkey Salt & Pepper Set – $4.99

Faux Berry Wreath – Red/Orange – $19.99

Ibotta has a deal on this Yankee Candle at Target right now! Get $3 cash back when you upload your receipt!

Yankee Candle Spiced Pumpkin – $14.99

Harvest 8” Cable Knit Pumpkin – $9

I bought this set of metallic pumpkins last year and I LOVE them! And I love that there are 8 so I can put them in other places around the house.

8 ct Metallic Small Harvest Pumpkins – $6

14×10 Hanging Wood Sign – $7

Harvest Thankful Table Sign – $5

Thankful Wood Wall Decor – $9.99

Happy Fall Galvanized Tin Tray – $20

Money Saving

Target’s ‘Smartly’ Move Could Change The Way You Shop!

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I know it will for me!

I absolutely LOVE Target, but I have to admit, I go to the Dollar store for stuff like paper plates, ziplock bags, straws, etc.

But picture this…

You’re at Target, sipping your grande Starbucks Peppermint White Mocha, picking up cat food, cosmetics, maybe a cute new shirt and what do you see?

Smartly! …Target’s cool new line of lower-priced everyday products like paper bags, paper plates, soaps, household cleaners, toilet paper, etc.

No more dragging the kids to ‘just one more store’, to pick up those everyday items!

This new line of more than 70 items features items priced $.59 to $11.99, but most items are less than $2!

I’m not sure how the Smartly line differs from their Up&Up line, but it’s supposed to offer products that have great value, smart design and (importantly) work good! …so we shall see!

Read about my favorite TARGET HACKS to save even MORE Money!

Target will be rolling out the Smartly items online & in-store on Sunday, October 14th, so I cannot wait to see what all they will be offering!

Do you think this will get you to shop more at Target?  What items do you hope will be available at the lower prices?  Be sure to leave a comment below!

Happy Shopping! 🙂

18×18 Snowflake Pillow $7.49
Money Saving

Can you get paid to workout?

Yes, yes you can!

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How I’m only paying just over $1 for my gym membership

So I know what you’re thinking… if you’re really trying to save money why do you need a gym membership? Well, because I live in Florida where it’s hot and muggy for 10 out of 12 months and I don’t want to run in that stuff!

And yes, I could work out at home, but honestly, it’s hard for me to motivate myself on a regular basis.

So when I can get a gym membership for $1 or less, you bet your sweet biceps I’m going to take it!

The secret to saving money on your gym membership?  Health insurance!

My insurance, United Health Care, offers a reimbursement program where they will PAY you $20 per month if you work out 12 times a month. This is a great motivator to continue working out at the gym! And there’s been quite a few times where I have dragged myself to the gym to get that 11th or 12th workout in so I can get that $20. Guilty!

To get the $20, you have to register your gym membership keytag with UHC and be sure you swipe the key tag when you check in at the gym so it can track the number of visits.  Once you workout 12 or more times in one calendar month, UHC will deposit the money into your checking account! Cha-ching!

This particular reimbursement program works with several different gyms. My gym membership is with Planet Fitness and costs about $21 a month for the PF Black Card membership (where you get access to the tanning beds, massage chairs, hydromassage beds, and free fitness training). So with the $20 reimbursement, the gym costs me a little over $1/month!

Now if you get the Classic $10/mo PF gym membership, you’re making money!

Try Amazing Grass PROTEIN Superfood!


Aetna offers a similar reimbursement program as United Health Care.  Cigna & Blue Cross offer discounts and Silver Sneakers offers a FREE program to those 65 and up.  Be sure to check out details by clicking on the links below and also check with your insurance provider for details on any of these programs, as they vary by state.

If you’ve found this info helpful, please feel free to like, comment and share this article with family and friends! Thanks!

Money Saving, Money Saving Apps

Saving for Black Friday is easy with Digit!

This post may contain affiliate and/or referral links to products or services, but only things that I truly love, have tried and recommend. See my disclosure policy here.

UPDATE: Ok, this app really works! I’ve saved over $175 in 8 weeks and didn’t even know it! Cha-ching! Ready to give Digit a try?

Saved $75 in just 3 weeks!

Anyone else out there want to have a debt-free Christmas, but only start to remember to save in September? That is me this year!So when I came across this app I had to try it out! And you know what? It really works!

I recently came across an app called Digit that looks at your bank account and runs it’s algorithms and seeks out how much it can safely squirrel away into a savings account. I like to consider it the Sherlock Holmes of savings. So far I have saved over $175 in 8 weeks… And I don’t even miss it!

My favorite part about Digit?

It is super easy to set up! No emails or passwords to remember. You set everything up via text on your cell!

Plus they offer low balance protection and will let you set a threshold where you can automatically have Digit transfer the money back to your checking account. Or you can set a checking account minimum and when your checking account hits that amount, Digit will stop saving money.

You can create any kind of savings goal you want – – an emergency fund, Christmas savings, student loan debt… (or if you’re like me, even a Starbucks fund!)

What I also love about Digit is they communicate with you and let you know how much they’re going to take out. They also let you know how much is currently in your checking account.

Digit has shown me that on average I can save about $25 per week… my budget allows it!

Automatically saved over $175 in just over 2 months!

Is Digit safe?

Personally, I was a little wary about giving them access to my checking account, but they use 256-bit encryption to protect the transmission of your data to their site, so they are secure. AND your funds are held in FDIC insured banks up to a balance of $250,000.

How much does Digit cost?

You can try out Digit FREE for 30 days. After that, it costs $2.99 per month, which is automatically withdrawn from your checking account.

So give Digit a try and see how much you can save in 30 days!

Click here for more money saving ideas!

Use Digit to pay off credit card debt with Digit Pay!

This is a great way if you’re not so self-disciplined to pay off credit card debt. Basically, all you do is create a “pay off credit card debt” goal and then Digit Pay squirrels away money and once a month pays that extra money toward your credit card debt. How cool is that?! Click here for details!

I haven’t tried Digit Pay yet, but if you decide to try it please let me know what you think!

Money Saving


This post may contain affiliate and/or referral links to products or services, but only things that I truly love, have tried and recommend. See my disclosure policy here.

The average cable bill is around $106, but most people I know with cable have bills that are $120+!!!  Now, this is just silly.

It is time to cut the cable… you can do it!  AND you don’t have to give up LIVE tv!

There are so many great alternatives out there – SlingTV, DirectTV Now, PlayStation Vue – these are some that I have subscribed to and will be posting blogs on each of them soon.  But the one I like the best so far is Hulu With Live TV!  Here’s why:
Continue reading here

Money Making Apps

I’m an Agent…

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So, when I was out of a job for several months I decided to become an agent… a Field Agent.

It’s a nifty little app I stumbled upon that sends you out on missions to capture information at stores like price and quantity of items, taking pictures of displays, etc and you have to answer various questions about the items.

Some jobs are quick and easy.  Some jobs require a lot of picture taking and searching a store.

It’s a great way to make some extra money to pay off debt, pay for your Starbucks addiction or build your Christmas budget!  (only 2 months away people!)


Here are some sample jobs:

  • take photos of rental properties and answer questions
  • Mystery Shop
  • Walmart grocery pickup survey – they seem to have these jobs all.the.time!
  • Audit products/displays
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • …and my favorite…at home surveys.  Once I got paid $1 to sit in my pj’s and give my thoughts on bed linens. lol!

Sometimes there are jobs where you go and buy a product and Field Agent reimburses you in addition to paying you for the job!  Cha-ching!

For example, a few weeks ago I went to Walmart and purchased some Happy Egg Co eggs, took them home and tried them, then reported my feedback on how the eggs tasted, etc and they paid me $3 for the job and $4 and change for the eggs. They even posted my egg review on!! Suhweet!

Field Agent has jobs all over the country, so even when you are traveling you can do it!

The jobs typically pay between $1-$10 each and they pay you via direct deposit into your checking account.  I have earned $409.30 – so this is REAL money that adds up!  (FYI:  You are 1099’d, so if you make over the $600 threshold in a year, you’ll get a 1099-MISC showing your earnings).

Now, before you send your anxious little fingers tapping toward the app store to get this, let me give you a heads up…

  • If you cannot follow directions precisely, this app is not for you
  • If you cannot pay attention to detail, this app is not for you
  • If you are afraid of people or of what people think of you, this app may not be for you
  • If you do not have a smartphone, this app is definitely not for you 🙂

In order to get paid, you must follow the directions of the job to the letter and pay attention to details.  Companies are paying Field Agent for correct information about their products and you may not get paid if you don’t provide the info they ask for.

Also, some jobs are mystery shops and you have to interact with employees.  And some Field Agent jobs require you to take pictures of displays, signage, etc.  I remember one time being in a store and having to take several pics of displays and feeling very self-conscious and uncomfortable!  (but I soon got over that!)

Don’t worry, though, you can pick the jobs you want to do, so you don’t have to interact with people or take pics if you don’t want to!

Anyway, check it out! Click here to watch a video about Field Agent

Below are some screenshots of jobs and earnings.