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Avoid Black Friday Burnout!

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My sis and I were ‘doing our thang’ at Kohl’s on Black Friday last year and found the cutest Star Wars shirt and leggings for my niece.  As we turned to make our way to the registers, we were met with a line of bleary-eyed, haggard-looking people that literally went half-way to the back of the store!  Well, there was NO WAY we were going to stand in that line!

So I quickly popped out my iPhone and went to Kohl’s online to see if they had my niece’s sizes in the Star Wars clothing… and they did!  BUT… I didn’t buy them just yet.

Relieved, we happily jumped into the minivan, got cozy, turned up the Yuletide tunes and clicked on the Ebates app.  Then the heavens opened and the angels sang… there was a 6% cash back deal on Kohl’s thru Ebates!  Thank you, Jesus!  So not only were we able to save ourselves time in line, an aching back, and throbbing feet, but we were able to save an additional 6%!

Ebates is just one of the apps we use on Black Friday… so be sure to get S.E.T.!!!

Get S.E.T.!  This Black Friday, make sure you have these 3 apps before you hit the stores!


What’s better than having gift cards to use for Black Friday shopping?!

Here’s how Shopkick works…you collect points and redeem them for gift cards.  What I love about Shopkick is that you can earn points FAST!

Collect points by:

  • Walking into stores – yes, literally walk into a store, open the Shopkick app and you get points
  • Scanning items in stores – the app will let you know what products in the store are available to scan
  • Purchasing items in the store – usually you earn 1 point per dollar spent

And when you Shopkick on Black Fridays, get ready to score BIG POINTS!  I usually use my points right away, mostly on Target or Starbucks gift cards.  My sister, however, scans throughout the year and saves the points for high-value gift cards.  She’s got over 11,000 points right now!

UPDATE: you can now redeem your points for CASH!!

Sign up here and Shopkick your way through Black Friday!


How Ebates works… shop via laptop, smartphone or in-store and get cash back on purchases.  Cash is sent via check or Paypal.

Ebates is not just for your laptop anymore!  Use the Ebates app and not only get cash back on mobile purchases but also get cash back in-store!  For example, at Bed Bath & Beyond you can get 4% cash back when you shop in-store.  All you have to do is link your debit or credit card to Ebates, put that ‘As Seen On TV’ gadget in your cart and head to the registers!

Use Ebates like we did at Kohl’s and did a mobile purchase to save money and avoid those long Black Friday lines.  Or use in-store and save moolah!

Sign up for Ebates here!


If you are planning a Black Friday trip to Target, make sure you have the app!

The Target App features these FOUR great benefits:

  • Cartwheel Savings – just scan items in your cart and Cartwheel will let you know if there are any savings or coupons to use!
  • Target debit or credit card – Not only do you get 5% off when you use them but on the app, they make check-out quick & easy… just scan your barcode and you’re done!
  • Target Gift Cards – you can store any Target Gift Cards on the app and use them at check out
  • Find LOWER prices – use the Target app to scan items and see if there is a lower price for the item online.  If you find a cheaper item, purchase via the app and be sure to use the ‘Pick Up Item In-store’ when you check out.

Be sure to check out my blog on ‘Target’s Genius Plan… and Why We Love It!” for more info on how to save BIG at Target!

So now that you’re S.E.T. for Black Friday, what items will you be shopping for?

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Mini Cherry Cheesecake Bites | Thanksgiving Recipes – Elves Choice

Mini Cherry Cheesecake Bites | Thanksgiving Recipes – Elves Choice
— Read on

Are you looking for some holiday recipe ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Be sure to Check out Elves Choice for some great inexpensive recipes!

They look delicious – and I can’t wait to try these mini cherry cheesecakes!

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10 Inexpensive Thanksgiving & Fall Home Decor Ideas from Target

This post may contain affiliate and/or referral links to products or services, but only things that I truly love and recommend. See my disclosure policy here.

One of my most favorite times of the year is here! Even though I’m in Florida and everyone is still in T-shirts and shorts – I am longing for all things Fall!
Fall evokes for me memories of growing up in Missouri, jumping into piles of leaves, crisp morning air, fallen leaves stuck to the sidewalk on a rainy day, the smell of turkey roasting in the oven… home.
Every September 1st you’ll find me putting out the fall candles, decorative pumpkins, and autumn colored dish towels. I haven’t broken out the crockpot yet, but I will when the temps finally cool down.
As I prepare my house for Fall, just wanted to share these cute home decor items from Target… all are $20 or less (mostly less!), so you don’t break your budget. Enjoy!

Gobble & Gather Kitchen Towel – $2.99

Stoneware Turkey Salt & Pepper Set – $4.99

Faux Berry Wreath – Red/Orange – $19.99

Ibotta has a deal on this Yankee Candle at Target right now! Get $3 cash back when you upload your receipt!

Yankee Candle Spiced Pumpkin – $14.99

Harvest 8” Cable Knit Pumpkin – $9

I bought this set of metallic pumpkins last year and I LOVE them! And I love that there are 8 so I can put them in other places around the house.

8 ct Metallic Small Harvest Pumpkins – $6

14×10 Hanging Wood Sign – $7

Harvest Thankful Table Sign – $5

Thankful Wood Wall Decor – $9.99

Happy Fall Galvanized Tin Tray – $20

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Bonus for Buying non-GMO products!

This post may contain affiliate and/or referral links to products or services, but only things that I truly love, have tried and recommend. See my disclosure policy here.

I just earned bonus cash on Ibotta. Want in? Download the app and get your $10 welcome bonus!

Woohoo! Just earned a bonus for buying non-GMO products! And you can too…PLUS get a $10 welcome bonus when you download the Ibotta app!

Want more info about Ibotta? Click here!

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Target’s ‘Smartly’ Move Could Change The Way You Shop!

This post may contain affiliate and/or referral links to products or services, but only things that I truly love, have tried and recommend. See my disclosure policy here.

I know it will for me!

I absolutely LOVE Target, but I have to admit, I go to the Dollar store for stuff like paper plates, ziplock bags, straws, etc.

But picture this…

You’re at Target, sipping your grande Starbucks Peppermint White Mocha, picking up cat food, cosmetics, maybe a cute new shirt and what do you see?

Smartly! …Target’s cool new line of lower-priced everyday products like paper bags, paper plates, soaps, household cleaners, toilet paper, etc.

No more dragging the kids to ‘just one more store’, to pick up those everyday items!

This new line of more than 70 items features items priced $.59 to $11.99, but most items are less than $2!

I’m not sure how the Smartly line differs from their Up&Up line, but it’s supposed to offer products that have great value, smart design and (importantly) work good! …so we shall see!

Read about my favorite TARGET HACKS to save even MORE Money!

Target will be rolling out the Smartly items online & in-store on Sunday, October 14th, so I cannot wait to see what all they will be offering!

Do you think this will get you to shop more at Target?  What items do you hope will be available at the lower prices?  Be sure to leave a comment below!

Happy Shopping! 🙂

18×18 Snowflake Pillow $7.49
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Can you get paid to workout?

Yes, yes you can!

This post may contain affiliate and/or referral links to products or services, but only things that I truly love, have tried and recommend. See my disclosure policy here.

How I’m only paying just over $1 for my gym membership

So I know what you’re thinking… if you’re really trying to save money why do you need a gym membership? Well, because I live in Florida where it’s hot and muggy for 10 out of 12 months and I don’t want to run in that stuff!

And yes, I could work out at home, but honestly, it’s hard for me to motivate myself on a regular basis.

So when I can get a gym membership for $1 or less, you bet your sweet biceps I’m going to take it!

The secret to saving money on your gym membership?  Health insurance!

My insurance, United Health Care, offers a reimbursement program where they will PAY you $20 per month if you work out 12 times a month. This is a great motivator to continue working out at the gym! And there’s been quite a few times where I have dragged myself to the gym to get that 11th or 12th workout in so I can get that $20. Guilty!

To get the $20, you have to register your gym membership keytag with UHC and be sure you swipe the key tag when you check in at the gym so it can track the number of visits.  Once you workout 12 or more times in one calendar month, UHC will deposit the money into your checking account! Cha-ching!

This particular reimbursement program works with several different gyms. My gym membership is with Planet Fitness and costs about $21 a month for the PF Black Card membership (where you get access to the tanning beds, massage chairs, hydromassage beds, and free fitness training). So with the $20 reimbursement, the gym costs me a little over $1/month!

Now if you get the Classic $10/mo PF gym membership, you’re making money!

Try Amazing Grass PROTEIN Superfood!


Aetna offers a similar reimbursement program as United Health Care.  Cigna & Blue Cross offer discounts and Silver Sneakers offers a FREE program to those 65 and up.  Be sure to check out details by clicking on the links below and also check with your insurance provider for details on any of these programs, as they vary by state.

If you’ve found this info helpful, please feel free to like, comment and share this article with family and friends! Thanks!

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Smell Good Savings and Five Freebies

This post may contain affiliate and/or referral links to products or services, but only things that I truly love, have tried and recommend. See my disclosure policy here.

You know that I’m all about saving money, so I have to share this great deal with you!!!

First of all, I have to say I love Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products! My favorites are the Basil and Radish countertop cleaning sprays. They make my kitchen smell so good – – and Lord knows it needs it!

Plus I love the fact that their cleaning products are plant-derived with natural essential oils. Win-win! And you know what else? They are just so pretty — love the packaging!

Anyway, Grove Collaborative has a fantastic deal on their fall seasonal kit, so I decided to try the apple cider one!

Now, as much as I would like to keep everything for myself, some of these are going to be Christmas gifts! So shhh…

What I BOUGHT – totaling $21.98 :

Seventh Generation Multi-Purpose Wipes in Garden Mint – these smell AMAZING!!! $2.99 (will definitely be ordering more of these!)

Mrs. Meyer’s – Fall Seasonal Kit in Apple Cider – $18.99 which includes:

  • 1 x Seasonal Hand Soap
  • 1 x Seasonal Dish Soap
  • 1 x Seasonal Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • 1 x Seasonal 4.9 oz Soy Candle
  • NOTE: I love the Apple Cider multi-surface cleaner so much that I had to buy more to give as Christmas gifts! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  • What I got FREE:

    • Mrs. Meyer’s – Hand Soap (Lavender)
    • Mrs. Meyer’s – Dish Soap (Basil)
    • Mrs. Meyer’s – Multi-Surface Cleaner (Rosemary) – love this scent too!
    • Grove Collaborative – Cleaning Caddy (look how cute it is!)
    • Grove Collaborative – Walnut Scrubber Sponge, Set of 2

    That’s right – – I got everything pictured below for just $21.98 with free shipping!

    Want some FREEBIES too? Get five free products on me when you make a $20 purchase! PLUS you get a free 60-day VIP trial and FREE shipping!

    How it Works

    Once you sign up, your order is set to repeat the following month.  But you don’t have to re-order everything from your current order…Nor do you have to order monthly!  Just go in and remove the items you don’t want and/or add any items you’d like to try.  And if you don’t need anything right away, then adjust it to ship the following month.

    There are order minimums though:

    • $10 minimum order for monthly recurring shipments (with $2.99 flat rate shipping)
    • $15 minimum order for “Ship Now” plans (which just means you gotta have it now!) for VIP members (FREE Shipping for VIP members)
    • $30 minimum order for “Ship Now” plans for non-VIP members

    Non-VIPs pay a flat rate of $2.99 shipping. VIP members always get shipping FREE.

    What’s a VIP member?

    • FREE Shipping! You pay an annual fee of $19.99 – it’s sort of like Amazon where you pay a yearly fee and get free shipping on any purchases.
    • FREE Full-size gifts
    • Early Access – get exclusive access to new and seasonal products at the best prices

    Join Today and

    get a FREE Mrs. Meyer’s 5-piece set on me, with your first $20 purchase!